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8 Indonesian Delegations Win Prestigious Awards at the Global Youth Parliament

ASIATODAY.ID, JAKARTA – The Indonesian generation made history by winning prestigious achievements at the International Award event at the 2022 Global Youth Leadership Summit & Award which was held on 23-26 June 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand.

This event carries the theme “Connecting the Leaders; Leading the World” which was attended by delegates from 32 countries with a total of more than 200 world delegates. At this event, Indonesia sent 24 delegates. The goal is to share knowledge between countries.

The presence of the Global Youth Parliament in Indonesia provides a positive value for society, especially professionals and business people. This International Youth Organization based in Nepal is here to inspire and give its own color to the people of Indonesia.

Including young people and those who care about young people through the Organization & Community Management SuperKey Consulting Group and the Assessment Management Forum for Indonesian Business Excellence.

“This event aims to strengthen global networking, inspire and get to know various tourism and cultures in various countries. We as global leaders must be more familiar with differences that are not just a matter of technology,” said Reni Fitriani, Indonesia GYP coordinator and CEO of SuperKey Consulting Group, Thursday (30/6/2022).

Meanwhile, Faisal Yusra, Chair of the GYP Indonesia Advisory Board and Leader of the Indonesian Business Excellence Assessment Forum added, in determining the delegates and winners of the global award, certain assessment stages must be carried out.

“Determining the award is not easy. We have gone through various kinds of selection. Starting from documentation, interviews to business research and leadership, “he explained.

The Global Achievement & Summit event was recognized internationally and was attended by Founder & President Diwakar Aryal, Minister of Youth & Sports Nepal Hon. Maheswar Gahatraj Arhak and Member of House of Representative & Deputy Spokesperson of Bhumjaithai Party.

In addition, the GYP international summit was also attended by the Minister of Education of Thailand, Minister of Education of Bangladesh, as well as spokespersons from various countries such as Spain, Kosovo, Kenya, USA, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand and so on.

This event is a pride for Indonesia. Apart from being a state delegation, the Indonesian representative delegation also had the opportunity as a global speaker represented by Agus Mashud S Asngari, President Director of the Pertamina Foundation. Meanwhile, Reni Fitriani who is the Indonesian Coordinator had the opportunity to give an international speech at the event.

The following are the 8 Indonesian delegates who won the international award:

  • Reni Fitriani, Founder & CEO of SuperKey Group and Coordinator of GYP Indonesia, as Winner of the 2022 Global Youth Leadership Award, Category of Young People with Achievement in Leadership
  • Faisal Yusra, General Chairman FEBINDO, The Global Emerging Leader Award 2022 in Community Development Category
  • Agus Mashud S Asngari, President Director Pertamina Foundation, The Global Emerging Leader Award 2022 in Corporate Social Responsibility Category
  • Haryo Yunianto, Chief Executive Officer, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk. The Global Emerging Leader Award 2022 in Gas Infrastructure Development
  • Ahsin Sidqi, Chief Executive Officer, PT Indonesia Power, The Global Emerging Leader Award 2022 in Electrical Production Innovation represented by Windy Febriasari, Head of Corporate Planning
  • Panji Winanteya Ruky, Director of Business Transformation, PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero), The Global Emerging Leader 2022 in Fertilizer Industry Innovation represented by Ifang Nafsan Zakiyya, Vice President of Service Procurement
  • Mas Wigrantoro Roes Setiyadi, President Director, PT Sucofindo, The Global Emerging Leader Award 2022 in Eco-Green Framework represented by Johanes Nanang Marjianto, Human Resource & Business Development Director
  • Arsal Ismail, Chief Executive Officer, PT Bukit Asam Tbk. The Global Emerging Leader Award 2022 in Mining Industry Environment Preservation was represented by Suherman, Human Resource Director. (AT Network)

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